Why InleData is the Perfect Delta Lake for Marketing?

  • December 4, 2020
Why InLe Data Is The Perfect Delta Lake For Marketing?

“Because Marketing is Everything, and Everything is Marketing.”


When it comes to starting, building, and growing a profitable value providing business, nothing is as important than marketing. 


Marketing is the single most important element in Business Success, and Delta Lake should always form the foundation of any marketing campaign, tactics, and idea. 


Delta Lake is so important that predicting is the most critical part of any business, and Delta Lake perfectly tells you exactly where you spend the money for your marketing, what kind of ROI are you generating from your marketing campaigns across all channels.


In this article, we tell you why InleData is the perfect choice for your marketing.


What is Delta Lake?


A Delta Lake is the next generation in the data storage evolution. It is a central repository that keeps any raw data in its native format when you need it. 


But what exactly can you do with a Delta Lake?


A Delta Lake always gives you connected data on top of your existing Data Lake. So now companies can put different data into different sources helping the staff to fetch data with ease. Delta always allows reading consistent data, while the new data is ingested at the same time. 


It also employs true streaming analytics, optimistic concurrency control, and big data handling when you need the same piece of data at a time. 


Today, every enterprise wants to store data without the risk of data loss. You never know what kind of data you would need. Delta Lake copes with this task. 


Why InleData is the Ultimate Solution for Your Business?


You will find many Delta Lake Solutions on the market, but InleData is the best marketing option. Let’s describe what InLe Data Marketing is and why it is the best solution to store your marketing data. 


One can’t imagine a marketer who doesn’t work with Google Analytics, Google Ads, Youtube, Google Services, Social Media Marketing channels like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and other video streaming channels. Google is the biggest platform when it comes to advertising or marketing. 


InleData seamlessly integrates with Google’s infrastructure and any other cloud or storage providers to connect to any endpoint getting your data in sync. This makes your company’s marketing efforts are maximized with fewer resources and time. 


The world has changed. Today, technology and information have reshaped the rules, and large organizations are not necessarily safe. Startups now rock established industries. The difference between success and failure is now based on how organizations use their information on current IT infrastructures. 


InleData is simple and fast overcoming all these challenges a modern enterprise faces today. In InLe Data, we have a vast number of specialists who work with it. 


Let’s not forget how marketers face problems, how fast they have to respond to market changes, segment the marketing automation, and manage bids in real-time. Today’s business depends on how very well you can personalize and automate your marketing. 


InleData works with Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), helping you analyze and automate your marketing by carefully segmenting your audience, searching for useful insights, and doing many things to make your life easy.


Features of InleData


  1. Seamless Integrates with any data integration or any service integration.
  2. Data Processing Speed
  3. It can be deployed into any servers or any big platform like Google Cloud, AWS, and Microsoft Azure.
  4. Data Security
  5. Big Query ML Service where experts can build prediction models on both the structured and semi-structured data. 


To Summarize


InleData is the next generation Delta Lake which is continuously growing and developing. You can easily use it for Machine Learning and discover the emerging data patterns and test a new hypothesis. This helps to gain timely insights on how your business is progressing, allowing you for better results. To know more about InleData, connect with us to help you improve your business.

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