Why Delta Lake is the #1 Solution for Your Business?

  • November 30, 2020

“Data, AI, and Data Science Belongs Together- A Unified Analytics, and if you Separate Them, Then the Enterprises Would be Only Spending Millions of Money Getting Data into Data Lakes with Apache Spark.”

Enterprises always focus on Data Science & Machine Learning. Companies try to build with data with the use cases, and we always thought that Data & AI belong together, known as Unified Analytics. If you separate them, it gets very difficult for companies.

Situation- Enterprises Spend Millions to Get Data into Data Lakes with Apache Spark

Since a decade ago, many enterprises start to collect their data into Data Lakes and would collect clickstream, data images, videos, and oftentimes would actually do this with Apache Spark, and the hope and the promise were that once they have all this data in their Data Lakes, they can get to all kinds of use cases on top of those they can do Data Science and Machine Learning. 

They can do real-time streaming with it, and the companies were very excited about it and kept collecting data more and more into petabyte to petabyte over time. 

However, in the last few years, companies found that many of these projects were actually falling short and were failing and what’s happening was basically you could say garbage in and garbage out!

So, when you have a massive Data Lake, there’s nothing wrong with the underlying technology. It’s perfect, but the data that you’re putting in it, if you’re not careful about that and if the use cases are an afterthought, then you might run into trouble later on. 

Reasons Why Companies Face Problem Using Data Lake

  • Data Quality isn’t there.
  • It’s hard actually to build reliable applications on top of your Data Lake.
  • Data Lakes are mostly disorganized, letting enterprises have many problems.
  • Data is never relevant or fresh enough to put into production.

What does a Delta Lake do?

What a Delta Lake does is that it basically provides massive data quality and reliability on top of your existing Data Lake so that you can keep your Data Lake as it is. Delta Lake ensures you have high-quality data, and once you have this on top of it, you can even build recommendation engines that are useful for fraud detection. Not just this, but you can also do predictive management, genomics, and a lot more. 


With Delta Lake, you do not lose data nor removes old files. You can easily maintain your old data and data update smoothly. With Delta Lake, you can analyze batch and stream data without consuming much of your resources and time. To know more about Delta Lake for your business, connect with us.

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