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How InleData Can Reduce Infrastructure Costs by 85%?

Want to enhance your company’s data and analytics platform while drawing worthy insights to make better decisions? Choose InleData. In this blog, we’ll talk about how InleData is a great solution for all your data needs and can significantly help you in reducing your infrastructure costs. What is InleData? InleData is a next-gen delta lake…

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Challenges to Build Scalable AI/ML Pipelines in the Cloud

With the introduction of cloud computing, it is now possible to harness the immense and virtually limitless computational potential for next-to-nothing. Global servers can be accessed quickly with no limit on storage or processing power—the possibilities are truly endless! AI and ML are two dominant technologies in the cloud world. They take advantage of high…

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4 Tips to Accelerate ROI from Delta Lake Solutions

Delta lake has risen as an attractive complement to cloud data lake after its introduction into the advanced cloud Data architecture. Delta Lake is a transactional repository layer that runs over cloud storage. It is a simple persistent data flow model that processes data as it arrives.   It helps in action shot isolation, concurrent…