How InleData Can Reduce Infrastructure Costs by 85%?

  • September 7, 2021

Want to enhance your company’s data and analytics platform while drawing worthy insights to make better decisions? Choose InleData.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how InleData is a great solution for all your data needs and can significantly help you in reducing your infrastructure costs.

What is InleData?

InleData is a next-gen delta lake solution used to boost your data strategies. It is designed to provide a quick, flexible, and cost-effective analysis of complex data. If you’re handling a large volume of datasets, you should leverage the data for your business success.

Today, InleData has made it super convenient to make effective business decisions based on numbers, trends, and facts.

This brings us to our primary question – how can InleData reduce infrastructure costs by 85%? For that, we will have to dive deeper into the benefits of using InleData. Ready? Let’s go!


Benefits of Using InleData And How It Affects Costing?

InleData is highly adaptive to ingest, store, find, process, and analyze all forms of data from a pool of data sources. The platform functions so smoothly and efficiently that it saves one all the hassle, time, and money of sourcing and analyzing relevant data for their use.

Moreover, the entire setup is customizable, highly secure, and cost-effective. It can be used in public as well as private cloud platforms in the market.

As an enterprise, handling data in the right manner is an important aspect to gain a holistic view of one’s entire business ecosystem. With InleData, one can monitor the KPIs (key performance indicators) easily which directly helps in saving costs.

InleData helps businesses analyze data from multiple sources to gain a holistic view of their business ecosystem. On top of it, It allows them to relocate resources to higher-value projects which further helps in reducing costs by a significant margin.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How is InleData better than SQL server?

Working as a single SQL Server instance supports the core purpose, however, scaling it may result in very high costs. This is where InleData can be used to facilitate a safe and intuitive environment for analytics. It cuts down the computing costs and data analysis becomes a lot simpler and cost-efficient.

Who can use InleData?

Any enterprise which deals with a large amount of data to draw valuable insights and make business decisions accordingly can use InleData.

What type of data can be used with InleData?

InleData is highly adaptive and flexible to deal with unstructured structured data from various data sources.

What type of analytics can be used with InleData?

All types of analytics, as well as ML/AI implementations, can be treated with InleData.



InleData is a one-stop destination for all your business’s data needs! Not only is it secure and reliable, but also super cost-effective. Want to know more about InleData and how it can benefit your business?


At InleData, you can transform your business’s data needs and customize the solution as per your requirements. Want quick, personalized, secure, and smart business solutions? Get in touch with us today.

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