An Exceptional Data Solution Unlike Any Other

When relevant business data combined with AI, meet your needs to bring your business goals to reality.

Features of InleData

Transform your data management needs with a unified, flexible & cost-effective solution.

Delta Lake with an Edge

InleData is an innovative platform created by a vertical mutation on Data Lake. InleData is highly feature-rich, comprising many industry-demanded functionalities, including upsert mechanism, schema evaluation, batch/stream read/write support, and data versioning.

Platform Agnostic

InleData has a platform-agnostic architecture and is designed to perform on any platform like Azure, AWS, Google, and on-prem, etc., with equal efficiency.

Easy configuration management

InleData, a configuration management console, facilitates seamless-creation of data pipelines and workflows in a configure and run mechanism with zero-code development. The platform is automated to eliminate redundant tasks and configurations.

Connect to what you want

InleData is capable of connecting to any data source, including streaming, APIs, Drives, Cloud sources, Databases, etc. covering real-time or in batch processes.

Auto-ML capability

InleData empowers to build a quick POC or Pilot application with the help of Supervised and unsupervised machine learning models.

Data Security

The platform is designed, keeping in view the latest security standards pertaining to Data governance. The platform's inbuilt security features and the implementation of Kerberos, OAuth, and all required security standards during compact and Snappy.

Optimal Performance

InleData ensures optimal performance from the infrastructure, driven by its high-performance architecture using Apache Sparks. The platform offers sturdy pipelines resulting in qualitative output blended with superb performance.

Scalable to the brink

Inledata offers a highly scalable platform that can handle petabytes of data collation and transformation with ultimate ease and efficiency. It operates on effortlessly manageable, cost-effective clusters, with cost-effective clusters with autoscaling. The platform provides a high-concurrency mode for multiple users and persistent clusters for analytics.

Ecosystem integrations

InleData offers plug-and-play integration with multiple industry-leading BI tools, including Tableau, Zeplin, Qliksense, etc.

Monitoring at nth level

InleData is integrated with industry-leading state-of-the-art monitoring solutions. The innovative dashboard can provide a bird seye as well as a micro-level view for KPIs.

Time Travel

InleData enables you to traverse through the entire timeline of your data. This is done by capturing snapshots at customizable intervals, with options for rollback.

Schema Management

InleData helps you enforce and evolve the schema of your data, enabling further utilization and preventing data corruption.