Delta Lake vs. Data Warehousing Vs. Data Mining Solutions

  • January 3, 2021

Data is an essential aspect contributing to the growth of today’s businesses, whether it’s a food business or a commercial heavy-duty business. But an unstructured or unorganized data is as useful as a car without an engine. Sorting data helps improve and set goals for a particular business based on facts, numbers, and trends.


Delta Lake uses the service, InleData, to structure large datasets & fetch data-driven insights leveraging next-gen analytics. As compared to Data Warehousing and Data Mining, there are certain advanced differences Delta Lake provides over them. 


To begin with, Delta Lake is very versatile. It provides various data sources, including the file system, DataBase, Kafka, MCQs, API gateway, and a lot more. This helps a business choose which one is most suitable for them or can continue their workflow from their previous databases. 


Delta Lake’s InleData provides a robust mechanism that supports streaming and batch unification. InleData is up to date with the advancement of today’s technology. This helps in providing AI, helping to recover and re-process during ingestion failure. One of the most crucial events one has always faced during the collection or sorting of data is duplicating records or data. 


InleData’s unique DEDUP support helps in eliminating duplicate records from source data to avoid processing it. InleData also uses a very efficient infrastructure by enabling compaction, partition, and bucketing. Finally, the most important factor in the whole process is deducing an objective and logical orientation of one’s business, providing a simple business plan. 


The solution will collect & integrate data from multiple sources to give you a holistic view of your entire business, which can help you get more business insights to drive better business outcomes such as Image – System logs, Email & Docs, Social Media, Inhouse DB, Analytics Data, Legacy Data, Media Files and many more. InleData, unlike the others, uses the Spark framework, which makes the entire product very fast while extremely resilient. 


Security has always been a major concern for Delta Lake Solutions; thus, one can ensure total privacy to the data collected, not stored in any scenario. InleData does not hold any data, making it a highly secured Solution. Moreover, InleData Lake is cloud-agnostic. So it can be easily deployed in private and public cloud platforms across the market, making it very flexible and easy. 


To be precise, short, and simple, Delta Lake Solution’s InleData provides a unified data management, highly scalable and customizable workflow, real-time analytics and monitoring, multiple storage type support, ready to use platform for AI/ML, and one hundred percent data privacy and reliability. The service comes with a 7-Days trial, which helps in getting familiar with the service and making it easy to comprehend the advancement of the solution compared to the other options available on the market. Last but not least, Delta Lake Solutions provides a simple service for a business’s hard achievements. 


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