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Challenges to Build Scalable AI/ML Pipelines in the Cloud

With the introduction of cloud computing, it is now possible to harness the immense and virtually limitless computational potential for next-to-nothing. Global servers can be accessed quickly with no limit on storage or processing power—the possibilities are truly endless! AI and ML are two dominant technologies in the cloud world. They take advantage of high…

Why InLe Data Is The Perfect Delta Lake For Marketing?
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Why InleData is the Perfect Delta Lake for Marketing?

“Because Marketing is Everything, and Everything is Marketing.”   When it comes to starting, building, and growing a profitable value providing business, nothing is as important than marketing.    Marketing is the single most important element in Business Success, and Delta Lake should always form the foundation of any marketing campaign, tactics, and idea.   …

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Why Delta Lake is the #1 Solution for Your Business?

“Data, AI, and Data Science Belongs Together- A Unified Analytics, and if you Separate Them, Then the Enterprises Would be Only Spending Millions of Money Getting Data into Data Lakes with Apache Spark.” Enterprises always focus on Data Science & Machine Learning. Companies try to build with data with the use cases, and we always…