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Why Business Needs Delta Lake in 2021?

Why Business Needs Delta Lake in 2021? A delta lake is a non-proprietary storage layer that brings authenticity to data lakes. Delta Lake delivers ACID transactions, ascendable metadata handling, and unification of batch and streaming data development. Delta lake also runs with the contemporary data lake and is in full harmony with Apache Spark Application…

How Delta Lake Overcomes the Challenges of Data Lake?
Data Management

How Delta Lake Overcomes the Challenges of Data Lake?

“People Still Struggle to Get Value Out of Their Existing Data Lake. This Data Journey Happens Over and Over Again in Organizations Because Data is Often Messy in the Real World”.   Organizations have many data. It can be curated customer data in your OLTP system, raw clickstreams from your web server, or unstructured data…

Why InLe Data Is The Perfect Delta Lake For Marketing?
Business Application

Why InleData is the Perfect Delta Lake for Marketing?

“Because Marketing is Everything, and Everything is Marketing.”   When it comes to starting, building, and growing a profitable value providing business, nothing is as important than marketing.    Marketing is the single most important element in Business Success, and Delta Lake should always form the foundation of any marketing campaign, tactics, and idea.   …