4 Tips to Accelerate ROI from Delta Lake Solutions

  • January 3, 2021

Delta lake has risen as an attractive complement to cloud data lake after its introduction into the advanced cloud Data architecture. Delta Lake is a transactional repository layer that runs over cloud storage. It is a simple persistent data flow model that processes data as it arrives.


It helps in action shot isolation, concurrent reading, or writing operations. It also enables systematic insertion, update, and deletion. Delta lake enables background file optimization via compaction & z-order partitioning, thus achieving better performance.


Enterprises adopt Delta lake for their big data management. When you invest in Delta Lake, you’re more likely to have a good return on investment.


However, businesses need to add up a value parameter to their initiatives comprising the valid selection of mechanizations into their ecosystem to measure return on the large investments. The return should be substantial and measurable, not just subjective.


Here are some tips to accelerate the ROI from delta lake:


Line up with the Business 


Your goal is to create a great delta lake, and you plan accordingly for it, but maybe your associate won’t approve of your methods sometimes.


A mis arrangement between builders & analyst teams is one of the biggest barriers in getting value out of your delta lake. Using case learning workshops and value-explaining frameworks can help bring your teams in sync to agree on preferences and requirements. Also, staying immersed in specific used cases and departments in the initial phase of your delta lake journey can help you get quick value.


Invoke Your Processes 


Initiate the processes that feed the data to the business before analyst teams start discovering and analyzing data. This signifies establishing a pipeline methodology of multizone data on the top of the singular delta lake store. These zones encourage the right use of delta lake roles, carry out data security, and aid in compliance.


Communicate the Skills Gap


You may still need someone with delta lake expertise to manage your delta lake. Close any skills gaps you find, which thus improves overall administration productivity. In this way, you will spend more time meeting the analysts’ needs and less time wastage on repetitive & manual data feed, update, and provisioning tasks.


Strengthen catalog & Metadata


Finding the right datasets in delta lakes can be an immense challenge for analysts. There’s a large volume of data that comes in different forms, some even very complex. That’s why it’s quite important to ensure that delta lake is integrated with the metadata store, which records metadata at every level of the pipeline and with a data catalog that brings out how your data is being consumed.


Bottom Line


As the business grows over time, your enterprise needs to maintain the structure of data. Through the help of Delta Lake, it has now become easy to incorporate new aspects as the data fluctuates. Delta lakes make the performance of data lakes better, more genuine, and easy to control, and which is why you need to invest in Delta Lake for a good return on your investment. To know more about Delta Lake solutions, connect with us.

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