3 Reasons to Convert Your Cloud Data to a Delta Lake

  • July 29, 2021

Data Lakes enable storing an immense amount of data flexibly, yet there are still many challenges that can lead the data to be wholly flooded. 

It could lead to many complications resulting in wasting time and money. 

There are many benefits to converting your Cloud Data to a Delta Lake. 

However, this blog will focus on the top three reasons.

Increase Data Freshness

Even today, many Parquet Data Lakes are unable to refresh every single minute. This usually happens due to technical challenges to stream real-time data into a Data Lake. Delta Lake accommodates both the use cases of streaming ingestion and batch. With Delta Lake structured streaming, you get a built-in checkpoint when data transforms from one Delta table to another. With only a single Trigger config change, the ingestion can be easily changed from batch to streaming.


Reproduce ML Models

To improve a machine learning model, data scientists must initially reproduce the model results. Now, this could be quite a daunting task if the data scientist who trained the model has left the organization. This requires that the same logic, libraries, parameters, and environment should be used. Also, training and test data sets are other elements that need to be tracked for reproducibility. Our InleData time travel feature allows the ability to query the data as it was at some specific time using data versioning. You can then reproduce the machine learning model results by retaining them without copying the data.


Achieve Compliance

New laws such as CCPA and GDPR demand that every company must be able to purge the data. Deletion or updating the data in the regular Parquet Data can be pretty compute-intensive. Every file about personal data being requested needs to be identified, ingested, filtered and written as new files while the original ones are deleted. It should be done in a way to avoid corrupt or disrupt queries on the table. For easy manipulation of data in a table, Delta Lakes have DELETE and UPDATE actions.



To sum up, Delta Lakes has enormous benefits to switch from a Cloud Data Lake to a Delta Lake. But the top three reasons are:


  1. Increase Data Freshness
  2. Reproduce ML Models
  3. Achieve Compliance


Another primary reason to consider switching from a Cloud Data Lake to a Delta Lake is that it’s a simple and instant way to change a table with the CONVERT command, and you can easily undo the conversion.

InleData is a Delta Lake solution that prevents data corruption, faster queries, accelerates the data freshness, and helps to scale up your business in no time.

Give InleData a try today!

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