A Next-Gen Delta Lake Solution to Boost your Data & Analytics Strategies

Are you dealing with a large volume of datasets? Are you willing to draw actionable insights from your business data to make business decisions based on facts, numbers & trends? Power your data with InleData™.

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A Delta Lake Solution

to Boost your Data & Analytics

InleData™ helps you boost your organization's data & analytics platform by connecting data from multiple sources & transforms it into various analytical & AI/ML implementations with minimal effort.

Faster time-to-market
Easy to integrate
Highly customizable

Top Capabilities

of InleData™

Transform your data management needs with a unified, flexible
& cost-effective solution.

Unified Data Management
Highly Scalable & Customizable
Real-time Analytics & Monitoring
Multiple Storage Type Support
Ready-to-use Platform for AI/ML
100% Data Reliability

How it Works

Why choose us?

Delta Lake with an Edge

InleData™ is an innovative platform created by a vertical mutation on Data Lake. InleData™ is highly feature-rich, comprising many industry-demanded functionalities, including upsert mechanism, schema evaluation, batch/stream read/write support, and data versioning.

Auto-ML capability

InleData™ empowers to build a quick POC or Pilot application with the help of Supervised and unsupervised machine learning models.

Easy configuration management

InleData™, a configuration management console, facilitates seamless-creation of data pipelines and workflows in a configure and run mechanism with zero-code development. The platform is automated to eliminate redundant tasks and configurations.

Data Security

The platform is designed, keeping in view the latest security standards pertaining to Data governance. The platform's inbuilt security features and the implementation of Kerberos, OAuth, and all required security standards during compact and Snappy.

The solution is designed with the principle of SCALE & is capable of managing large datasets with ease.

Frequency Asked Questions

InleData is a state-of-the-art delta lake solution, capable of boosting any organization’s data and analytics platform, by setting up the ingestion and transformation platform with minimum effort.

Any organization which handles a large volume of data for drawing insights and making a business decision can use InleData.

InleData is adaptive enough to ingest, store, find, process, and analyze both structured and unstructured data from a multitude of data sources

Any type of analytics & AI/ML implementations can be used with InleData.

Our Pricing

On - Premise

Customer Environment
( Public/Private Cloud)
(Colo Datacenters)

On - Cloud

InleData Procured
Dedicated Cloud Environment
(AWS, GCP, Azure)

Multi - Tenant

Shared AWS Cloud Environment